Grub Control

Its time to get your application of grub Control down, This systemic insecticide will control any insects that may try to harm your lawn including Chinch bugs and bill bugs.

With the exception of the common May or June beetle, which has a three-year life cycle, the life history of the beetles mentioned above is completed in 12 months . The adult beetle lays its eggs in the ground during the summer. As soon as the grubs hatch, they start feeding on the roots until cold weather drives them two to eight inches deeper into the soil where they overwinter. When warm weather arrives in the spring, the grubs move up from the lower soil regions and resume feeding near the surface until they become mature and pupate from May through early-June. Adult northern masked chafers, which are active at night, and Japanese beetles can emerge in the Mid west from mid-June through mid-July. Later emergence can occur and is dependent on local weather conditions.


Moles primary diet consists of earthworms,  and because Grub control is systemic, killing only insect which damage your lawn by consuming parts of the plant this will not harm earthworms.

A combination of baiting and trapping is the best choice for mole control.


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