Summer Heat

With summer approaching we recommend a change in your watering schedule if you choose to water. Watering every 3 days , early in the A.M for about 20-30 min per area will promote deeper rooting , this will help your lawn survive the heat of summer, watering in the A.M will help reduce disease in your lawn by assuring that the lawn is as dry as possible by night fall, with the humidity in our area this can prove to be difficult therefore A.M watering is the best choice for our growing conditions in the St.Louis area.

Picture is a example of the most common disease for this time of year, this is called Dollarspot. It generally wont kill a lawn and only effect the top portion of the grass blade, with light fertilization you can push the dead growth off weather and permitting with a few mowings it will disappear.

We are also starting to see our yearly invasion of Nutsedge, if you see this in your lawn it is best not to pull it. It has a “Nut” or seed at the base of its roots that when pulled will break off and reseed in that spot. Chemical control is the most effective control of this grassy weed.

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